Pet Boutique - Dog Harness - Buddy Belt Pink Leather Dog Harness
Pet Boutique - Dog Harness - Buddy Belt Pink Leather Dog Harness
Pet Boutique - Dog Harness - Buddy Belt Pink Leather Dog Harness

Buddy Belt Dog Harness: Pink

$42.99 USD

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The Buddy Belt dog harness was designed to look chic while reducing undue stress on your pet’s neck and trachea caused by pulling during walks. Made with genuine pebble leather in a variety of colors to match any dog outfit! Available with or without sparkling Swarovski crystal accents on the chest and back of the harness. Protect your pet with a Buddy Belt harness!

Use the size chart below to select the best size harness for your dog. We highly recommend obtaining chest measurements prior to purchase, as measurements are more accurate than weight estimates alone.

Size       Chest Girth       Weight
1 8"-10" <2lbs
2 10"-12" 2-4lbs
2.5 11"-13" 3-5lbs
3 12"-14" 4-8lbs
3.5 13"-15" 7-9lbs
4 14"-16" 8-12lbs
5 16"-18" 12-18lbs
6 18"-22" 18-25lbs

How To Wear a Buddy Belt Dog Harness
1. Place the harness on ground color side down with the buckle pointing towards your dog's LEFT paw.
2. Place your dog's paws into the arm holes of the harness and fasten the buckle around your dog's back. 
3. Attach your pet's leash to the D-ring located on the back of the Buddy Belt harness, and you're ready for walkies!

Important Fitting Tips For Selecting The Best Size Buddy Belt
- The most comfortable fit would allow enough room for 1-2 fingers under the strap.
- Your pet's Buddy Belt harness should fit snug against the body.
- If the harness only fits on the tightest (first) hole, try a size smaller. It’s better to be on the last hole, than to have a loose fitting harness that they can get their legs out of.
- The leather harness may stretch over time to fit one hole smaller as it forms to your dog’s chest.