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Providing your pup with lots of mental stimulation is key to raising a smarter, happier, healthier dog. Studies have shown that puppies who don’t receive adequate mental stimulation are more likely to exhibit unwanted behaviors such as excessive barking, digging, or chewing objects such as shoes and furniture. Enrichment toys are a great way to provide your dog with the mental stimulation they need in order to thrive!

Enrichment dog toys are not your average squeak toys. This special type of dog toy often features multiple textures and sounds to keep your pup entertained for longer periods of time. One part of the dog toy may squeak, while another part may rattle or crinkle; and most enrichment dog toys feature some type of puzzle or require your dog to use nosework to get to yummy treats that can be hidden inside! Enrichment dog toys exercise the brain and help to eliminate boredom, anxiety and frustration. This type of dog toy is great for growing puppies and older dogs alike! In fact, studies have also shown that mental stimulation helps to slow the progression of cognitive decline in senior dogs. 

Lick mats are another great way to provide your dog with mental stimulation. While not necessarily a dog toy, a lick mat will keep your dog busy for just as long and also uses treats as a reward to keep your dog busy and entertained. The Honeycomb Dog Enrichment Lick Mat is a customer FAVORITE! Just spread your dog’s favorite soft treat across the lick mat's surface and watch them go to town! Lick mats provide much-needed mental stimulation for dogs and puppies and are great for soothing anxiety, busting boredom, and keeping your pet entertained. You can use anything from a pet safe peanut butter like Big Spoon Roasters' Wag Butter to plain yogurt, cottage cheese, canned pumpkin, or even a little coconut oil. Fill the lick mat with some bone broth and pop it in the freezer for a long-lasting frozen treat to keep your dog cool on hot summer days. The possibilities are endless, and you can fill your dog's lick mat with just about any healthy dog-safe treat! 

Moral of the story? Don't let your dog go bored! Rotate their toys. Expose them to new experiences, new sounds, new tastes and textures. Try enrichment dog toys that require nosework or puzzle solving. Stuff their enrichment toys with tasty treats that will entice them to play and keep them busy for a good long while. Introduce a calming lick mat. Fill the spaces with different ingredients or switch up the ingredients each time. Your dog will be calmer, happier, and healthier!