Dog Sanitary Accessories - Fawn paws wizzer belly band for male dogs by Susan Lanci

Paws Wizzer For Male Dogs: Fawn

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Does your macho male dog love to lift his leg and pee on everything? Then the wizzer belly band by Susan Lanci is exactly what you need! This soft, comfortable belly band is designed for use with any feminine pad or pantyliner, and will prevent your male dog from marking his territory in your house! Made of soft, washable ultrasuede fabric.

Size           Girth
Teacup 8" - 9.5"
XXS 8" - 10"
XS 10.5" - 11"
S 11.5" - 13"
S/M 11" - 15"
M 13" - 17"
L 18" - 22"
XL 21"-27"