Dog Bows & Hair Barrettes

Shop Hair Bows and Barrettes For Small Dogs and Teacup Puppies

Dog hair bows and barrettes are a MUST for any long-haired breed, such as the Yorkie, Maltese, or Shih Tzu! Not only do dog bows and barrettes look absolutely adorable in your dog's hair, but they also help to keep your dog's hair clean and out of their eyes, face, and food bowl.
Here at TeaCups Puppy Boutique, we carry a wide variety of dog hair bows and barrettes to suit your small dog or teacup puppy's needs. All of our dog bows and dog barrettes are handmade with quality materials and great attention to detail! Our Susan Lanci dog hair barrettes are made with genuine Swarovski crystals and come in every color of the rainbow! Whether you're looking for a fancy hair barrette to complete your dog's perfect outfit or a simple everyday dog bow just to tie their hair back, you'll find just what you need in our luxury puppy boutique!

Dog Hair Bows vs. Dog Hair Barrettes

One of the questions we are faced with on a regular basis here in our dog boutique and grooming salon is whether our clients should opt for a dog bow or a dog barrette. Aside from personal preference, it really all depends your dog's coat. If your dog's coat is thick, it can hold any dog bow or barrette you so choose! But if your dog's coat is a bit on the thinner side, then a dog bow with a rubber band backing will hold much better than a dog barrette! Of course, you can always tie your dog's hair up with a plain rubber band and then snap any dog barrette of your choosing over the rubber band for a tight, secure hold!
How To Use Dog Hair Bows and Barrettes
So now that you've picked out the perfect hair bow or barrette for your dog, how do you put it in? Simple! The same way you would put them in your own hair! Using your fingers or a face and finishing comb, collect a small patch of hair and either tie the rubber band around about 2 - 3 times until it's tight enough to hold or secure it by snapping a hair barrette into place.
How do I get my dog’s hair bow to stay in place?
Make sure that you have enough hair in the clip or rubber band to hold it securely. If the bow continues to fall out, check the attachment for damage. It can also help to collect a patch of hair that will surround the area where the bow will be. That way, there is enough support for the clip or rubber band on all sides so it won’t be pulled one way or the other.
Keeping Your Dog's Hair Bow or Barrette in Place
If you're having trouble keeping your dog's hair bow or barrette in place, check to make sure that you've gathered enough hair at the top of your dog's head to ensure a tight hold. You also want to be sure that the rubber band backing of the dog bow isn't loose. If it is, try wrapping it around one more time to secure the hair bow into place. If your dog's barrette isn't holding, it may be possible that their coat is just too thin to support the weight of a heavy dog barrette. You can try tying their hair up first with a plain rubber band and then clipping the dog barrette over the rubber band for a more secure hold. If you have a puppy who hates wearing dog bows or barrettes and keeps knocking them out of their hair, allow them some time to get used to it. Check to make sure that their hair isn't being pulled painfully tight or that their skin isn't being pinched by the rubber band or barrette backing. Once you're certain that the dog bow or barrette is on comfortably, keep practicing by continuing supervised use of dog bows and barrettes until your puppy becomes used to the process. We promise it gets easier in time!