Mon Car Seat: Pitch Black (Super)

Mon Car Seat: Pitch Black (Super)

$392.99 USD

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You will never leave your puppy behind with this cute car seat.  

Bring your pup anywhere with you with this car seat. The height of the front of the car seat is the same height as the back side, and prevents dogs from popping out in a sudden stop. It can be folded in half using a ring on the front of the mon car seat. The rear of the car seat has a seat belt strap that can be fixed to the vehicle and can be attached and detached using a dog collar.

When installing the rear magnet, adjust the safety belt length and fix it in the same way.

If you have purchased a montage, you can buy a cover and replace it.

Using the finest waterproof fabrics, the fabric is very strong, such as water, dirt and dust, and can be used like new products for a long time.

The cover of the car seat can be separated by zipper.
The bottom of the car seat has two safety hooks that can be connected to the neckline.100% Cotton

Measurements: 29.5" x 19.7" x 10.2" x 17.3"