Buddy Belt Dog Harness: Red

Buddy Belt Dog Harness: Red

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Designed to reduce stress on your pet’s neck, the Buddy Belt prevents problems caused by pressure on the throat or trachea. Buddy Belts are made of genuine leather and their unique patented design may even help extend the lifespan of your pet! 

Measuring Your Pet
1. Measure your dog’s chest girth.
You want a snug measurement, directly behind your pet’s front legs.
2. Confirm weight.
3. Select the correct size using the chart below.

Size       Chest Girth       Weight
1 8"-10" <2lbs
2 10"-12" 2-4lbs
2.5 11"-13" 3-5lbs
3 12"-14" 4-8lbs
3.5 13"-15" 7-9lbs
4 14"-16" 8-12lbs
5 16"-18" 12-18lbs
6 18"-22" 18-25lbs

Putting the Harness on your Dog
1. Place the harness on ground colour side down. The buckle always goes to your dog’s left paw.
2. Step in the harness and fasten the buckle.
3. Attach your leash to the ring & have fun!

Important Fitting Tips
- An ideal fit will allow enough room for 1-2 fingers under the strap.
- The harness should fit snug against the body.
- If it fits on the tightest (first) hole, try a size smaller. It’s better to be on the last hole, than to have a loose fitting harness.
- The harness may stretch to fit one hole smaller as it forms to your dog’s chest