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Shop Teacup Dog Costumes and Halloween Costumes For Small Dogs

TeaCups, Puppies & Boutique specializes in teacup dog costumes and Halloween costumes for small dogs! Your pampered pooch will steal the show at the costume party with one of our cute or scary dog costumes! From pirates to witches, we have a great selection of teacup dog costumes and Halloween costumes for small dogs. This year's line of Halloween dog costumes includes: Halloween Witch dog costumes, Pirate dog costumes, Superman dog costumes, Spiderman dog costumes, Batman dog costumes, Fox dog costumes, Spider dog costumes, Unicorn dog costumes, Ladybug dog costumes, Bumble Bee dog costumes, amdn more! Order your dog's Halloween costume by October 27th for delivery by Halloween.

How To Size Your Dog For a Halloween Costume

It's important that your dog's Halloween costume fits comfortably, or they're not going to be very happy about wearing it! In order to size your dog properly for a Halloween costume, follow the simple instructions below.

1) Don't be so quick to select the size that your dog "usually wears." This is a very common mistake. All of our dog costumes come from various companies, and their sizing does not run the same. So while your dog might wear a size Small in one costume, they could be a Medium in another. In order to select the best size dog costume for your dog, you must refer to the size chart on the product's page.

2) Dog costume size charts typically go by length and girth rather than weight. Weight-based size charts for dog costumes are very unreliable, as every dog carries its weight differently. One dog may be short, round, and weigh 5 lbs... while another dog may be long and skinny and also weigh 5 lbs. It's very important to measure your dog and compare your findings to the dog costume size chart located on the item's page.

3) To measure your dog for Halloween costume, start by measuring the length from the back of the neck (where their collar would sit) to the base of the tail. Length is the most important measurement to consider, however, if your dog is on the chunky side, you may want to measure their girth (around the widest point of ther chest) just to ensure a good fit. Once you have your measurements, refer to the dog costume size chart located on the individual item's page and see which size category your dog best fits into.

If you need assistance sizing your dog for a Halloween dog costume, please call 954-985-8848.