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TeaCups, Puppies & Boutique specializes in luxury dog collars and dog harnesses for teacup puppies and large dogs alike! We carry a wide range of dog collars and small dog harnesses to suit your needs. From the classic plain leather dog collar to the Swarovski crystal rhinestone dog collar, whatever your style... you're sure to find the perfect dog collar right here in our upscale dog boutique! 

How To Size Your Dog For A Dog Collar or Dog Harness

For the safety of your dog, it's very important that their dog collar or harness fits properly. A perfectly fitted collar or harness will keep your dog safe and comfortable.

1) Measure your dog's neck in the area where a collar would sit. If you're sizing for a dog harness, measure the girth (around the widest part of your dog's chest) as well. 

2) Compare your findings to the size chart located on the product page of the particular dog collar or harness that you are looking at. Select the best size collar or harness for your dog. Keep in mind that every dog collar and harness company has its own size chart, so just because your dog wears a size Small in one brand, doesn't necessarily mean that they'll fit into a size Small in another brand. Always refer to the size chart on the product's page.

3) A good rule of thumb to ensure that your dog's collar or harness fits perfectly is to make sure that you can fit 2 fingers underneath it once it's on your dog. If the collar (or neck portion of the harness) is too loose, your dog's paw or jaw could get stuck, they could chew the collar or harness to pieces, or even worse... they could get loose and run away. If you can't fit 2 fingers underneath your dog's collar, then it's too tight. Try to loosen the dog collar or go one size up if necessary. If you're sizing for a dog harness, this same rule applies to the chest portion of the harness. You don't want it too loose or too tight.

If you need assistance sizing your dog for a dog collar or dog harness, please call 954-985-8848.

Dog Collars

Here at TeaCups, Puppies & Boutique, you'll find tiny dog collars for teacup puppies, large dog collars, fancy dog collars, pandora style dog collars with beautiful silver charms, sparkling crystal rhinestone dog collars, genuine leather dog collars, Susan Lanci dog collars made of lightweight ultrasuede that are perfect for teacup puppies, and much more! Shop our luxury dog collars HERE!

Dog Harnesses

Dog harnesses are a necessity for teacup puppies and small dogs. We can't stress this enough! Small dogs should never ever be walked on a leash with a collar, as their tiny necks are much too fragile. Dog harnesses allow you to walk your small dog safely by taking the strain off your dog's neck. Here at TeaCups, Puppies & Boutique, you'll find dog harnesses to fit even the tiniest of teacup puppies! Our most popular dog harness line is Susan Lanci Designs. This amazing collection of dog collars and harnesses has been a customer favorite for more than 14 years! All dog collars and harnesses made by Susan Lanci Designs are made with soft yet durable ultrasuede fabric, which is incredibly lightweight and perfect for puppies! Shop our luxury dog harnesses HERE!